Auto Window Glass Keeps You Safe

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Automotive Industry

Automotive technology has no doubt evolved dramatically over the decades. Changes in styling, design and materials of manufacturing have led to new looks and greatly improved safety. There is really no part of a car today that has not undergone some type of change or improvement in some fashion. Auto window glass in Chehalis, WA is no different. Early car windshields were literally made out of glass and while this may have been all that was available at that time, it became clear that this was very dangerous as serious injury could be (and was) sustained in the event of any type of accident. A toughened glass was instituted as well as the addition of the rubber or neoprene seal to hold the windshield in place and this at least resulted in the glass shattering into very small pieces instead of coming out as one large pane of glass. Henry Ford eventually utilized glass laminating to address the problem of flying glass debris. This method had two pieces of glass together with an inner layer made of cellulose that would hold together if there was any fracture.

Over the following decades, auto window glass in Chehalis, WA and around the globe has continued to improve. Laws in most places today actually require that auto windshields be made to stay in one continuous piece, even if fractured or broken (unless it there is an exceptionally or unusually hard force). In addition to the advances in automotive windshield materials, there have been improvements in the installation methods and related materials that help the windshields to better stay in place. A properly installed car window is essential to the safety of the driver and any passengers while on the road or even in the case of an accident as it can prevent other debris from entering the car and causing injuries to people inside.

The importance of the quality of installation of any auto window glass in Chehalis, WA makes it imperative that you always work with a licensed and reputable company when you need any windshield repairs or replacements. While it is always important to remove or fix chips or cracks in a windshield, you will also want to know and trust that the work is done to a high standard so that it will not either create or allow another problem down the road when you really need your windshield to protect you. Fortunately there are many good options for this and you will want to find a business that is set up to work with your insurance company to help make the process even easier for you—and this can be a sign that they are well qualified also. Be smart and be safe and get your auto window glass in Chehalis, WA fixed or replaced properly before it is too late.

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