Dentures are a great option for many people who have outlived the useful life of their natural teeth or who suffer from tooth loss. Luckily today’s dentures have evolved significantly over the years and are much improved over earlier models. Although modern dentures are much more natural-looking and comfortable than they used to be, you can still experience denture problems if you don’t take good care of your dentures. Here are some simple solutions to common problems with dentures in Bristow.

If your dentures irritate your gums or other areas of your mouth, then they may not fit you properly. Another indication that your dentures don’t fit you properly is if you have a significant amount of difficulty speaking and eating when your dentures are in your mouth, or if your dentures move around liberally in your mouth. If you have any of these problems, make sure you visit your dentist and have him or her check your dentures and create new, better-fitting dentures for you if necessary.

Even if your dentures fit perfectly when you first got them, over time the shape of your bones and your gums may change. As a result, your dentures may end up fitting improperly the longer you have them. Instead of trying to adjust your dentures in Bristow on your own, let your dentist do the adjusting for you so that it is done properly.

If your dentures are brand new you will need to prepare yourself for the difficulty of speaking and eating at first. It will take you some time to adjust to your new teeth, so don’t panic if they don’t feel natural right away. If you experience difficulty eating, try starting out with very small bites of non-chewy foods such as yogurt and eggs. You should also avoid any sticky foods that could become stuck in your dentures. To keep your dentures from moving around in your mouth, bite down with both sides of your mouth at the same time instead of using primarily one side of your mouth to chew. This will help you keep your dentures in place while you eat.

Some people develop infections and sores in their mouth or around their lips as a result of dentures. To help prevent these sores, try not to lick around your lips too often, and visit your dentist often to make sure that your dentures in Bristow still fit properly. One of the main reasons people develop sores and infections from dentures is because they don’t fit the way they should.

If your dentures irritate your gums or other areas of your mouth, then they may not fit you properly. Get in touch with Gainesville Dental Associates.