A blocked drain can cause a lot of mess and some pretty expensive damages. The problem may not be too bad if the blockage is in a bathroom or kitchen sink, but it will still need to be eliminated because sitting water such as this can begin to smell. In this particular instance, the blockage is probably in the pipe traps and is usually a simple fix. The first step is the removal of water, and Drain Cleaning Services may perform this step by using pressure to force the waste water past the clog. Next comes cleaning out the trap itself. Pipe traps need to be removed to eliminate any debris that has collected in them, such as food or hair.

Clogged pipe traps are common issues that are reasonably easy to deal with. A more difficult problem is a blockage in the primary sewer line. This is the pipe that connects the building to the municipal sewer treatment system or septic system. The length of this pipe will vary, but the more joints and angles that it has, the more likely it is that a blockage will occur. Most clogs in the main line are the result of a slow-moving sewer system. There is no pressure in this environment, and this means that, when the sewer is not moving properly, the solid waste can stick or snag on any rough edges it finds. This kind of blockage will usually require professional Drain Cleaning Services to ensure its complete removal.

Some clogs in the main sewer line are not the result of waste accumulation. One of the most difficult blockages to eliminate is plant roots. Plants are always seeking a source of water, and a nutrient-rich source like a sewer line is the perfect place to find it. Roots get access to the pipe through tiny cracks and loose or improperly sealed fittings. Once the roots enter the sewer line, they quickly form a cluster that inhibits the movement of solid waste. This is great for the plant, but not so much for the drain line. If the problem is caught early enough, the plumber may be able to clear the roots out. However, the source of the roots will need to be dealt with or they will return. Learn more about drainage solutions at Bode’s Electric & Plumbing Inc. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.