With the popularity of vaping skyrocketing as of late, vape companies are looking for many different products to keep their customers satisfied in regards to nicotine intake. One thing that has been discovered is the benefits of nicotine base EP over traditional e-juices.

More For The Money

You are able to offer your customers “more bang for their buck” when you use salts as a base instead of juice. This is because the salts deliver more nicotine per puff than any other base currently available. For those customers who are using your vape products as a means to quit smoking altogether, they can save money by using salt-based products.

Comfortable Similarities

While many ex-cigarette smokers use liquid vaping products, the chief complaint is that they do not provide the same sensation that smoking does. This is a great advantage that nicotine salts have because they feel more like cigarette smoke than other products. Customers are much more likely to continue using your nicotine base EP product versus going back to traditional rolled cigarettes.

Less Irritation

When people smoke e-liquids, their throat can become quite irritated when the nicotine level is raised. Many vapers complain that it feels like their throat is on fire. However, when the nicotine level of salt-based products is raised, that feeling is actually curbed. This is good news for the vaper who prefers a strong level of nicotine pleasure.

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