Branded hand sanitizer is a simple way to give your clients/customers something useful that reminds them of your business.  Choosing hand sanitizer as one of your promotional items can be one of the best ways to get a nice return on your investment. There are 5 clear benefits to choosing branded hand sanitizer that makes it an exceptional option.

Hmm Hand Sanitizer?

Yes, it may not be the most intriguing gadget, and it may not even be the most exciting giveaway item but it is going to be one of the most used, and therefore well remembered! Here are 5 benefits and why it is a good choice that you should be considering it as part of your promotional items:

1. Highly useful
2. Genderless
3. Ageless
4. Safe
5. Easy to carry, store, ship etc.

It is a highly useful promotional item. People use hand sanitizer all the time and every time they pull out the bottle there will be your business name staring up at them!  It is a genderless product which means it reaches a higher number of target audience members.  Of course, it is also a product that does not appeal to one specific age group over another. Every demographic knows what hand sanitizer is and if it is made available they will likely use it.

It is an easy item to store, ship and carry to trade shows or to just have in the back office. It’s a practical item that does not require anything more than handing it out.

Some Facts

Over 60% of consumer’s report using hand sanitizer at least once a week, 40% report using it daily. It is an effective option for anyone that cannot get to soap and water because it kills up to 99% of germs on contact! dkspecialties has the sanitizer that you can customize to be your own!  Like us on our facebook page.