It is no surprise that women dislike aging. Television, media and even the Internet tend to hold women to a high standard when it comes to fashion and aging, so they tend to go to extreme lengths, such as using Botox and having facelifts. However, many women also tend to prefer going to the extreme, because it makes them feel better about themselves. Because of the way women tend to look and feel, many men have decided to also use the injections.


While most men age gracefully or seem to look better as they age, many men do not age as well as they’d like. Now, they can be proactive about their problems by using Brotox injections to reduce those lines and make them look younger.

They won’t have to deal with the stigma associated with Botox injections because these types of cosmetic procedures are more common now than they have ever been, especially for men. Therefore, they can get the help they want and deserve without having to worry about what their friends or co-workers will say.

Looking/Feeling Better

The main reason anyone in Chicago receives the injections is to feel and look better about themselves. While most men tend to act like they have no cares or worries in the world, many are insecure about how they look to their co-workers, bosses, family, spouse and friends. Over time, this can lead to more insecurity and even more wrinkles from stress, making it a difficult pattern to break.

Many men tend to feel that Brotox is the perfect way to make them look younger and more attractive because there is no downtime, and it is now safe to be considered metrosexual or at least care about your appearance.

Competitive Edge

The competitive edge many men feel may also have something to do with how popular Botox has become for males. While it is unethical for any company to fire someone because of how they look, men tend to believe that a youthful and attractive appearance will provide them an edge in their competitive job field. Studies have shown that younger people (men and women) tend to create more revenue for themselves than older-looking people, making it important to look just as good as you feel.

Chicago Botox has always been for both sexes, and many men now realizing the benefits. If you have chosen to go ahead, visit The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery.