Automatic transmissions have many benefits for drivers. Shifting is performed automatically with no need to take your hands off the steering wheel or step on a clutch to place the correct gear. This allows for drivers to focus better on the road ahead of them, increasing safety for everyone on the road. However, eventually an automatic transmission will begin to fail and repairs would be required. Below are the most common signs of failing transmissions in Minneapolis.

1. Fluid Leaking

Red fluid located on your driveway, whether cloudy or clear, is a sign the transmission needs service. There are several reasons why a transmission is leaking fluid. However, leaking fluid does not mean the transmission is going to fail, but allowing the leak to continue will cause damage to the transmission.

2. Issues Shifting Gears

Issues with your vehicle shifting gears is almost certainly a warning sign of a failing transmission. Some of these issues may include:

  • While shifting gears, you notice a jerking feeling.
  • While driving, your vehicle falls out of gear.
  • While putting your vehicle in gear, there is hesitation.
  • Transmission shifts gears when not needed.

Seek immediate assistance if you notice any of these symptoms.

3. Strange Odors

Another common sign of a failing transmission is strange or unfamiliar odors. When a transmission begins to fail, you may notice a distinctive burning odor. You should seek immediate service if these odors are coming from underneath your hood. This sign means your transmission might be close to failure.

4. Odd Sounds

Many times, issues with a transmission are indicated by odd sounds your vehicle begins to produce. These sounds may include buzzing, whining, or clunks. In addition, while your vehicle is placed in neutral, it is unreasonably noisy, can be another sign of a failing transmission. These odd sounds may be coming from something else other than the transmission, and should also be a sign to seek vehicle repair.

If your transmission is experiencing any of these signs, you should seek repair as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more damage and costly these signs may become. Like us on Facebook.

Waiting for transmission repair can cause unneeded damage. For more information, contact Richfield Transmission Center, or call 00- 000- 0000.