Highly specialized equipment in any lab is going to allow for advanced types of testing as well as handle what has now become standard in specific types of testing. What was considered advanced just a few years ago is now standard, which is why it is so important to focus on the trends in technology to get the equipment that is needed.

One option to consider for a small lab or a lab that is replacing or adding a significant amount of testing equipment is an Illumina DNA sequencer. Recognized as a top company in producing DNA sequencing as well as genomics, agrigenomics, molecular biology research and oncology equipment, Illumina provides cutting edge solutions with state-of-the-art technology.

The Options

There are different options available in Illumina DNA sequencer models and instruments. The company provides three different DNA sequencing methods with their products including whole-genome, targeted resequencing as well as ChIP-sequencing.

The company provides a full line of equipment that is used around the world for rapid and accurate sequencing. Each instrument is capable, for both identifying the DNA bases on the original sample, as well as creating or extending the chain.

Quantifying Results

To identify the nucleic acid chain, each base that is added will create or emit a specific fluorescent signal. This signal allows for accurate sequencing and ordering of the DNA. This process can be used with very limited parts of a genome or applied more broadly depending on the specific research needs.

Along with the accuracy and speed of development of the DNA in the sequencing processes, the quantitative measurements of the fluorescent signal intensity can also be used to categorize and mark different parts of the sequencing process.

Designed to be practical to use while also extremely efficient, the Illumina DNA sequencer instruments are a valuable addition to any testing facility.