When it is time to replace an old roof, consider some of the newer roofing materials including a Solar Metal Roof in Denver CO. Yes, a solar roof. New roofing materials have been introduced recently that are stronger, longer lasting, and more energy efficient. Roof mounted solar panels are a familiar sight. Why not make the roofing material itself a solar collector. An innovative roofing contractor such as ACE Roofing & Construction is the perfect company to install a Solar Metal Roof in Denver CO.

Try A New Roofing Material

When the roof must be replaced, why use the same old material? Why not use this opportunity to become more energy efficient. There are many newer roofing materials with modern technology advantages. Metal roofing systems last longer than composite shingles and look very attractive. Go one step further and consider the newer solar metal roofing. The home’s roof can become a solar collection point and provide electrical power for the home.

There are roofing materials that look like clay or slate tiles without the weight or high cost. Even shingle roofing materials come in improved, high-quality versions. A trusted roofing company can advise the homeowner on new roofing choices that will look and perform well on each building.

The Importance of Installation

Each type of roofing has its own installation requirements. Each roof will only perform as well as the installation. Roofing needs to be installed properly by well-trained professional installers using the manufacturer’s directions. The old roofing material must be removed, the roof sheathing must be inspected and repaired, and all the breaks in the roof must be sealed with flashing. These breaks may be chimneys, skylights, or vents. Many roofs have multiple parts with angles that need flashing. The roof peak must be properly capped. Cutting corners is not an option with the roof.

Clean Up

When the roof is complete, a good roofing company hauls away the old roofing and any mess from the new roofing installation. The homeowner should have no debris to contend with. In addition, the roofing contractor should furnish the customer with a roof material and labor warranty. Go to the website for more roof information. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.