The idea of transforming most of the back yard into a garden has a lot of appeal. Along with providing the owner with something nice to look at over morning coffee, the garden will also add to the market value of the property. When considering different garden landscape designs in Alpharetta, GA, it pays to keep a few essentials in mind.

The Amount of Square Footage

How much space can be allocated for the garden? In order to be effective, some garden landscape designs in Alpharetta, GA are best suited to larger spaces. Trying to compress those designs into a smaller area will only make the space look cluttered and unwelcoming. Rest assured that even if the plan is to create a garden in the small enclosed space behind a townhouse, there are designs that will work.

Maintaining the Garden

It’s one thing to have a professional come in and create the landscape design; maintaining the garden is another matter entirely. Try to find a balance between what looks great and what needs more work than the homeowner is willing to do or have done by a professional service. A landscaper can come up with some great designs that require a minimum of maintenance while providing a maximum amount of visual appeal.

Including Favorites

There’s a good chance that the property owner has some favorite plants that should be included in the design. A professional can actually use those plants as the inspiration for the garden design. Provide a list of any shrubs, small trees, and flowers that the client would love to see included. Assuming that those plants can thrive in the setting, the professional will find a way to include them.

For anyone who is tired of seeing nothing but an expanse of green grass in the back yard, today is the day to call the team at Service First Landscapes. Arrange for a landscaping contractor to visit the home and talk about what can be done with the space. Make sure to mention any special requests or ask about how well a certain type of plant would do in the area. In no time at all, the professional will come up with a design that is just what the client wants.