If you’re planning a trip to Hawaii with your loved ones, then you’re probably trying to think of all the different activities to do while you’re visiting the islands. This backyard-style Hawaiian luau is one of the most authentic experiences you can have on your trip, so be sure to book an afternoon of island fun with your family or friends.

Extensive Hawaiian-American Buffet

Although the views of the surrounding ocean and the serene landscape are enough to complete any day on the islands, you can’t pass up the opportunity to indulge in an all you can eat Hawaiian buffet as you can here. Not only will you have tons of different Hawaiian smoked meats to chow down on, but there are plenty of sweets and free soft drinks to keep everyone satisfied. Of course, if you’re looking forward to watching a Hula Dance in Hawaii, then you’ll be in for a treat as the entertainment goes on for hours!

Transportation Available

Don’t worry about transportation to the luau, as several shuttles pick up guests throughout Waikiki. Wait for your shuttle and guide at your hotel destination and enjoy the ride through the island to this beautiful backyard Hawaiian luau. Because you don’t have to worry about driving after the hula dance in Hawaii

, you can also indulge in all the alcoholic drinks you desire without the worry of putting yourself or anyone else at risk.

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