If you want to avoid unexpected frustrations on laundry day, you need to make sure that your washer and dryer are working. If your clothes come out of the dryer soggy, you need to contact someone to fix the problem fast.

Is Your Dryer Drying Your Clothes?

A common reason for an appliance repair in Temecula, CA involves dryer heat or the lack of it. If your dryer is running but refuses to heat up, the culprit can be a defective thermal fuse. A fuse can become faulty if the lint screens are clogged or you routinely overload the dryer. If the ventilation is blocked, it can also negatively affect the fuse.

Does Your Dryer Run?

If the dryer does not run at all, again, it is probably a bad thermal fuse. If this happens, you have no alternative but to contact an appliance repair professional. As soon as the fuse is replaced, the dryer should be operational.

Is the Heating Element Working?

A broken heating element can also lead to clothes that do not dry. Again, if you overload the dryer or your lint screen is clogged, it can break the element. This type of appliance repair entails replacing the heating element.

Regularly Check the Vents for Lint

If your dryer is running but quickly shuts off, the thermostat is probably broken. This also calls for replacement of the part. Whenever any of the foregoing repairs are made, they can be prevented in the future. Just make sure not to overload the dryer and regularly check the vents for lint. The vents should be cleaned at least weekly to prevent problems with your machine. Visit Actionmaytag.com for more details.

Reduce the Load Volume

Laundry day does not have to be beset with problems that could easily be prevented. That is why it is important that you practice care when you are using your dryer. Reduce the loads you add to your dryer and you will find that your laundry routine will become more efficient and organized.

Where to Find Help Online

Find out more about appliance repairs and servicing when you click here. Regardless of your current repair needs, it is good to know that you can access the service when it is required.