When you have wood floors, it’s important to maintain them to keep them beautiful over time. This involves vacuuming or sweeting these floors on a regular basis. Without debris or dust on the ground, there is less abrasion that can cause problems on your floor. If you are using a vacuum, you should always be sure to use a natural bristle brush or other attachment made for wood floors.

If your floor needs more than a vacuum, it’s important to be aware of what finish is on your wood to clean it properly. In most cases this will be wax, oil, or polyurethane surfaced floors.

Oiled Wood Floors

With this type of floor, the wood can become depleted of oils and dry. To clean this type of floor, you should begin with vacuuming and dry mopping. Next up, you should use a wood cleaner specifically made for an oiled hardwood floor. A quick Google search of “floor care supplier close to me” can offer you some help with where to go. After you are done, you should apply hardwood oil to the floor to bring back that natural look you want.

Polyurethane Finish

In most cases, vacuuming is the best way to keep this type of floor clean. You can wipe up spills with a damp rag and dry it with a soft cloth. If there is dirt that won’t come up, you can use a glass cleaner to get it up. These floors are very picky, and you should not use any cleaner that isn’t designed for them. Buffing and polishing them can also cause problems.

Waxed Floors

With waxed floors, you want to use a small amount of water only. Dry mopping or lightly damp mopping can be an option on a daily basis. The water should be wiped up as quickly as possible after you are done, as it can cause problems with the wax finish. In addition, at least once a year, the wax must be stripped and reapplied.

Floor Care Supplier Close to Me

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