Depending on your living situation, you may not have access to convenient utilities. In apartment buildings especially, that access is hit or miss at best. Even if there is a communal washer and dryer, you have to contend with others in your building for specific times.

So why not find a laundry service in Loveland that has all the machines that you could possibly need? The Laundry Basket has all that and more. Whether you want to go for the self-service experience or have a wash/dry/fold pickup service, all of your needs can be met.

Top Notch Self-Service

A quality laundry service in Loveland can make a chore such as washing clothes simpler and more convenient. It starts with a plethora of available machines, all of which operate not only on coin, but credit card or loyalty card. That means easier ways to pay and not needing to have a pocket full of coins at all times.

It also means having access to machines that will consistently and reliably get your laundry clean. You can get everything you have washed, dried, and folded easily.


Don’t like hanging around and waiting for your laundry to be done? You can pick your laundry up instead. A service is available to wash your clothes, dry them, and leave them neatly folded. All it takes is swinging by, picking up your laundry, and getting back to your life. That is the utmost in convenience and quality service.