Trees are beautiful, but they can be dangerous as well. A tree with a broken limb or a splintered trunk can cause serious damage to property and great harm to people or pets. Companies that provide emergency tree service rule out such problems for their clients in many common situations.

Many Reasons a Tree Could Suddenly Need Attention

Some species of trees typically live for hundreds of years, at least if conditions are favorable. Despite that fact, a tree that was previously unproblematic can suddenly pose a danger to those around it.

Fortunately, experts at caring for and managing trees will always be able to help whenever the need arises. Some of the most common reasons to call for emergency tree service in Atlanta GA include:

• High winds.
• Florida has plenty of excellent weather, but storms are common, too. Some tropical storms deliver winds of eighty miles per hour or more, and that makes for intense stress on trees. When wind breaks the limbs or trunk of a tree, the situation can quickly become precarious. Trees that have suffered wind damage can end up dropping hundreds or thousands of pounds of wood without any additional warning. Having such a tree attended to right away will always be the most responsible option.

• Lightning.
• A single bolt of lighting can kill a tree that had stood and grown safely for many decades. When lightning causes serious damage to a tree, having the affected parts removed or shored up will always be preferable to inaction. While lighting strikes are relatively rare, they quite often end up targeting tall, prominent trees.

• Disease.
• Some common types of diseases damage trees without making any symptoms obvious. If disease should impact a tree to an extent that it becomes structurally compromised, having an expert respond right away will always be the best bet.

Tree Service Professionals are Ready to Help

It will be seen that arranging emergency service for a tree never needs to be difficult. Whenever damage or disease leaves a tree with weakened limbs or the like, calling for help will be the best policy.