You thought that the child custody arrangement would ensure things went smoothly. Unfortunately, it hasn’t turned out that way. The custodial parent keeps coming up with excuses for not allowing you to have time with your child. Before the situation gets any worse, you need to seek advice from a Denver family law lawyer. Here are some of the ways that the lawyer can help.

Documenting the Events

If you’re not already doing so, the lawyer will urge you to document every attempt that you make to see the children. That includes the dates and times of all contacts with the custodial parent. You also want to document every conversation to the best of your ability. Choosing to make the contacts via email or text simplify the process.

Contacting the Non-Custodial Parent

After establishing a pattern of non-compliance, your Denver family law lawyer may send a certified letter to the custodial parent. The letter places the parent on notice and makes it clear that legal action will ensue if the terms of the custody and visitation arrangements are not honored. In many instances, a letter is enough to motivate a non-compliant custodial parent to become more cooperative.

Filing Motions With the Court

When the custodial parent refuses to cooperate, the only course of action left is to notify the family court. Your Denver family law lawyer will present the evidence and the court will take action from that point. In the best-case scenario, the custodial parent will take the court’s action seriously and choose to honor the terms of the visitation arrangement.

Don’t assume there is nothing you can do just because you’re not the custodial parent. Contact a lawyer and seek to work out the issue without going back to the court. If that doesn’t work, your legal counsel will know how to pursue the matter in accordance with current laws related to custody and visitation.