Modern consumer motor vehicles have roughly 30,000 parts in them, at least when screws and other similarly small components can be thought of as “parts.” Most people, however, consider auto parts to be as small as the radiator, timing chain, or headlight bulb, for example. With so many working parts, every driver needs to purchase new ones from time to time. Rather than breaking the bank, some drivers opt for used auto parts. Here are where they might come from.

Junkyards or Salvage Yards

Junkyards, as you know, are usually vast fields of nothing but broken-down vehicles. Most junkyards contain consumer-use cars, trucks, and vans, though some will have commercial-use vehicles mixed in. Their goal is usually to part out as many working vehicle components as possible. These lots, also called pick-a-part yards, pick-and-pull lots, or pull-a-part salvage yards, do require you to locate and remove your own Chicago used auto parts, though it’s often the cheapest way to buy them.

Swap Meets

Swap meets are common in the automotive world. They’re often organized by a central party that may act as a vendor. All of the attendants can barter with, buy from, or sell to one another. These meets are a good way to find used car parts, though usually only for in-demand vehicles.

On the Internet

The internet is the only place on this list that lets you shop from home. While it’s more convenient, prices could be slightly more expensive. The great thing about this medium is that you can shop all across the country for parts instead of being confined just to Chicago used auto parts like the two options above.

Used auto parts can be a great way to fix up your vehicle without spending a ton of money. Learn more about used auto parts by contacting New Cats Auto Parts or visiting today.