White glove delivery, otherwise known as designer delivery, is a service that sometimes gets overlooked. For normal everyday items, having designer delivery may not be quite so important or even needed. For any expensive items such as artwork or anything that is extremely large or heavy, a designer delivery service should be considered an option if available.

Fortunately, for those living in the Southern California area there are designer delivery services in Los Angeles available. What these companies can do is offer all of the planning, handling and execution of the shipment of the valuable pieces of art, etc. For anything that is of extreme high value, there are even options to have a person escort the shipment from point of origin all the way to the final destination. This includes supervision of installation.

Choosing a Designer Delivery Company

One of the best ways to search for designer delivery services in Los Angeles is by word of mouth. A person can always ask other business associates or even as past customers of the designer delivery service company about their overall experience with the company. In addition to word of mouth, a person can also check the trade publications. They will sometimes offer their own recommendations, as well.

Once a recommendation has been made the next step is to contact the designer delivery company for a quote. Now because this type of service is always customized there is really no cookie cutter answer regarding how much something might cost to have this kind of delivery service. The best thing to do is to gather several quotes from available designer delivery companies. These quotes can be presented to each of the prospective companies for any price matching or beating of prices.

Finally, before making a final decision on which designer delivery company to go with, a person needs to check the company’s history and experience. Some designer delivery companies have years and years of experience. If an item needs to be shipped to an international location, then it is very important that the company has experience in dealing with the customs for various countries. They need to understand all of the procedures beforehand so that there will not be any issues in having items delayed in customs.

There are a lot of items that are extremely valuable that need extra care during shipment. When an item needs extra care, then that is when a designer delivery service company is needed. The thing is, it does not matter the size or shape of the item being shipped. Most Los Angeles based designer delivery service companies will always be more than happy to offer custom quotes for any size need.

Art Pack is a highly respected designer delivery services in Los Angeles that caters to the art collector community. The company has over 40 years worth of combined experience in the handling and packing of fine art, furniture, and more. Service is offered for any size consignment, regardless of size or special needs.