Preparing for the First Pediatric Dentistry Visit in Wilmington

by | Mar 29, 2013 | Dentistry

A child’s first visit to an office for pediatric dentistry office in Wilmington is one of the most important visits in a child’s life. It means more than just visiting the dentist’s office for an oral exam. It means more than just getting his or her teeth cleaned. The first visit the pediatric dentist’s office is so important because it can leave such a lasting impression. If a visit to the dentist’s office is a scary experience, then the child may never feel comfortable about visiting a dentist’s office.

The first thing that a parent should do is try to head off any fears of visiting the dentist’s office ahead of time. Even at an early age a parent can help a child practice good oral hygiene and thus establish good habits for oral health. Developing these early habits can help ease any fear of visiting the dentist because they will know more of what a dentist does. That is to help keep teeth clean and a mouth healthy.

Educating a Child About the Dentist

Besides practicing good oral hygiene, another thing to do before visiting an office for pediatric dentistry is to educate the child on what exactly a dentist does. Parents can bring home books on good oral hygiene and visiting the dentist’s office. There are also a lot of apps now available for the smartphones and tablet computers that can make the idea of visiting the dentist’s office a lot of fun.

Knowing exactly what a dentist does and why they do what they do can really help to put a child’s mind at ease. If they recognize the dentist as someone who is fun and someone who is there to help them, then they might actually be excited about visiting the dentist’s office. This is a very key step into insuring an overall positive experience of the dentist.

Choosing the Right Dentist

Parents need to do a little homework ahead of time too. They need to check out the available dentists in the Wilmington area and determine which one would be the best fit for their child or children. Which ones seem to care the most about their pediatric patients and which ones seem to relate the best to kids.

Overall, a parent can do a whole lot to set a solid foundation for a child’s first visit to the pediatric dentist. They can help educate the child on everything that can be done to ensure a healthy mouth and teeth. They can then help a child to prepare for their first visit so that there is no apprehension whatsoever. Finally, they can choose the right dentist for the best experience.

Dr. Robert Collins and Dr. Dale Collins have over 50 years of experience in pediatric dentistry in Wilmington between the two of them. They proudly serve the young pediatric patients of Wilmington, Newark, New Castle County and Hockessin, Delaware. Kids will leave with a very positive experience at the friendly dentist office.

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