When you have an event coming up or just like to keep up on your appearance, you may want to get a manicure. However, what type of manicure should you get? Here are the different types of manicures you can get at the best nail salon in Sydney.


A traditional manicure involves shaping and polishing your nails with standard nail polish. This option is great for people who aren’t familiar with getting fake nails. This option works best if you have long nails already or don’t mind short nails.


A no-chip manicure is similar to a traditional manicure but the nail polish lasts significantly longer. You won’t have to worry about needing a new manicure for several weeks. You won’t have to worry about taking off painful fake nails, either.


Acrylic nails are fake nails made of acrylic. The manicure takes longer and costs more than a traditional manicure. The nails will also last longer. Since you have acrylic material, you can make the nails as long as you want, offering numerous options not available with short nails.


Gel nails are fake nails similar to acrylic but made out of gel. The gel lasts longer than acrylic, meaning the manicure costs a little more, too. These nails can be difficult to take off, which may require an additional trip to the nail salon.

The best way to get the manicure you want is to try different options! For the best nail salon in Sydney, contact CJ Artistry.