A car accident, regardless of whether there were injuries or not and no matter whether the accident resulted in significant damages or not is still traumatic. The law can be very confusing to a layperson; this is especially true when it comes to apportioning blame. The party that was negligent will bear the responsibility for medical care, damage to the vehicle and a number of other issues. It is understandable that many people who have been involved in an accident ask themselves if they should hire a car accident lawyer in Joliet or not. There are a few pointers which can help to clarify things.

When is an attorney a must?

If the accident results in anything other than minor damages to property and no injuries or if the police claim that you were at fault and you think otherwise, then you must consult with a lawyer. Fault, long term medical issues as well as pain and suffering, etc throw up questions that are very hard to answer, especially to someone who has no legal training and understanding of the applicable laws. In cases such as this you have little option but to hire a car accident lawyer in Joliet who is intimate with all facets of the law and can explain your rights to you in clear, unmistakable terms. The lawyer will be able to handle any dealings with the other party and the insurance companies that are involved.

When you might need an attorney:

If there is no question as to who was at fault and injuries and damage was minor you may be able to handle the situation without the assistance of a lawyer. The key word in this situation is “minor,” it is a word that can mean different things to different people but in this context it means that any injuries were resolved quickly and you are not looking at a cost of more than $1,000. In a case like this there will not be any real problems in getting the insurance company to settle and an agreement with the other party will see that you are compensated for any damage to your car and any medical bills that you may have, no matter how small. Even if you suffer from some pain as a result of the accident you can probably negotiate a small amount of compensation. The problems lie when there are questions as to which driver is responsible and the other person refuses to cooperate. When this happens, and it often does, then you have no option but to hire a car accident lawyer in Joliet.

If there are any questions that are not easy to answer you should see a lawyer. A seasoned car accident lawyer knows how to deal with situations that can arise and he or she knows how to negotiate the best settlement under the circumstances. Visit Business Name for more details.