What can be worse to find a skunk in your backyard or living in your home? A face to face encounter with the back end of one can only make the situation worse to horrible. When a skunk feels threatened or frighten they release a scent from glands that are located on each side of their anus. This spray is an oily product that contains sulfur compounds making it smell like a rotten egg. The defense mechanism is used to help fend off attacks from what they feel is a predator. The odor is very offensive and can be overpowering to the victim that has been sprayed by the rodent. You do not want to remove one of these critters on your own since they need to be handled delicately. A professional exterminator will have the experience required for skunk removal in Highland Park.

Animal Control Operators Most Common Calls are Dogs Sprayed by Skunks

Dogs often fall victim to being sprayed by a skunk, their instincts are to protect their home from anything they feel may intrude their territorial area. A skunk will try to fend off its attacker at first by aggressively stomping. However, if a dog is protecting their home they may not back down from this. Eventually, the will meet the tail end of the vermin as it receives a muzzle full of the skunk’s spray. The smell so rancid can be very difficult to remove from the animal’s fur. Also, when a skunk sprays the product spreads out to a ten-foot radius. This smell than will linger strongly in the air for days before it will begin to dissipate.

Save Your Nose Time and Money with the Help of a Professional

You do not want to spend days having to smell the left over product from a skunk’s spraying. You can wind up spending a lot of time and money on trying to remove the smell that may never go away until it has finally dissipated. It is important as soon as you spy a skunk in your yard or the signs of one you should call a wildlife expert to help you remove the critter from your home. A qualified exterminator will have the skills to safely trap the skunk and transport it to a new location. They will know how to properly handle them to prevent your yard from smelling for days after it is gone.