Tips On Finding Good Disability Lawyers

by | Jan 7, 2016 | Law

When you are applying for social security disability benefits, the chances of you being approved are much higher if you opt for legal assistance. When you are denied benefits, the appeal process is far more complex, it is especially beneficial to team with an attorney. If you choose that your future is better served by seeking legal assistance, there are few things to consider as you search for a law firm.

Professional and courteous: Disability lawyers in Oak Ridge tend to be very busy but even at that there is no reason why you should not be treated cautiously by the lawyer and the staff. Even though they may be busy once you have scheduled your initial consultation you should be able to ask any and all questions about your case.

Access to the lawyer: Don’t be surprised or disappointed that when you call you cannot gain access to your lawyer every time; it is not unusual for your call to be given to a member of the staff. Actually, this is a good indication of the popularity of the lawyer; he or she will frequently be involved with other clients or involved with a hearing with the administration. Lawyers rely heavily on their staff, all of whom are well versed with the law and your case.

Promises of results: A lawyer cannot make any guarantees; this is unethical; no one can really predict in advance how a case will turn out. It is not only unethical; it is unfair as the client will be expecting a positive outcome. Good disability lawyers in Oak Ridge can however give you their honest assessment of the eventual outcome of your claim based on the facts at hand.

Success rates: A good lawyer will not even suggest that if you work with him or her your application will be approved, however, it stands to reason that a good lawyer will have an excellent track record of getting benefit approval for their clients, always ask the lawyer:

  *  What is your overall rate of successful approval?
  *  What is your rate of approval when the case goes to a hearing?
  *  How often do you win full benefits for your clients?

The truth is; anyone can represent you with the Social Security Administration; the representative does not have to be a lawyer. However, the representative you want is one that focuses on Social Security disability cases and knows all the rules, regulations and pertaining laws. It stands to reason that your chances of success are far better when you are represented by lawyers skilled in disability law.

When you are faced with applying for disability benefits you will want the best disability lawyers in Oak Ridge. For further information and a free initial consultation you are welcome to get in touch with the Law Offices of Miller & Drozdowski, PC. Browse to know more.

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