If you have been charged with the crime of domestic violence or if you know that someone is seeking a restraining order or order of protection against you it is essential to find a top Phoenix domestic violence attorney to represent you in your legal case.

Unfortunately many people that are wrongfully accused of these types of actions, or that don’t believe that their actions were violent or threatening, often mistakenly believe that they can represent themselves. The fact is that unless you know the law, and know the possible charges, you are putting yourself ant risk by not having a Phoenix domestic violence attorney.

The Reality of Charges

Many people come to a Phoenix domestic violence attorney and don’t understand what they did that brought about the charges. There may have been no actual physical violence but something as simple as a verbal argument or a slight breach of an order of protection can result in the charge, even with no physical contact.

The reality is that often a Phoenix domestic violence attorney is called in to represent a wrongfully accused client. The accusations may have been made to damage the individual’s reputation, to get back on a relationship that went wrong or to simply create the impression that the accused is unsafe and should not have access to the children during and after a nasty divorce.

The Consequences

Without the representation of an experienced Phoenix domestic violence attorney you are putting your professional and personal reputation in jeapordy, especially if you are wrongfully accused. Being found guilty of domestic violence can result in loss of employment, jail time, loss of custody of your children and even in your ability to find employment.

Failing to get a Phoenix domestic violence attorney on your side and to provide you with legal representation is a serious error in judgment. The stakes are very high for this type of charge and there is the possibility of the charges being raised to felony with the risk of 5 to 15 years in prison.

While it may be difficult to understand why you are being charged, getting a top Phoenix domestic violence attorney is the best thing you can do for your future.

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