Do You Need Dry Eye Treatments in Honolulu?

by | Dec 8, 2017 | Eye Care Center

Your eyes are naturally lubricated by your tears. Your tears contain many different substances that build and nurture your eyes. However, dry eye syndrome is common among many people. As the name implies, this is a syndrome in which your eyes do not produce enough tears and are basically dry. However, not everyone who suffers from dry eye actually has dry eyes all the time. Since your eyes are not properly coated by your tears, your body might signal the production of excess tears. Such production means that paradoxically, many people with dry eye will have very tearful eyes. There are many kinds of dry eye treatments that can be helpful.


Some of the most common treatments available are routine treatments that are meant to address the symptoms. There are a myriad of reasons that can cause dry eye. There are some people who might just have a vitamin A deficiency. In that case, they’ll just need to alter their diet or take a supplement. For others, dry eye might be the result of allergies, their environment, or other factors beyond their control. You might be able to take a supplement that helps boost your tear production. Also, it is possible that you can just take eye drops from time to time. Artificial tears are designed to mimic real tears very closely. They are one of the most common dry eye treatments in Honolulu.

If you visit the Hawaii Vision Clinic in Honolulu, you will be able to have your dry eyes treated by a professional.


There is also a surgery that is sometimes used instead of other dry eye treatments. This surgery closes or partially closes a connection between the nose and the eyes to prevent tears from draining from the eyes too quickly. Normally tears will drain into the sinuses; if you want to preserve those to treat dry eye, a surgery can be helpful.

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