Doors seem to be just about the last thing homeowners worry about, especially in terms of maintenance or care. With all of the other things that can wrong with a home, exterior doors seem to be completely hassle-free. However, the experts in Door Products state that the homeowner should still follow a routine cleaning schedule and will need to know some preventative maintenance tips so a disaster does not happen. Here are just a few of their recommendations.

Cleaning Tips For Doors

  • It is a good idea to wash the outside of the door twice a year, preferably in the spring and in the fall. If the doors are manufactured from steel, wood, or fiberglass, only a gentle soap should be used. Don’t use anything that’s too abrasive. Many experts recommend using only baby shampoo or a gentle dish soap that has been diluted.
  • If the doors are made from wrought iron, they should be cleaned with oil soap and water and then dried immediately with a soft towel.
  • Never use tools like hoses or power washers to clean the door. While this may seem very convenient at the time, the result can be devastating to the interior of the home, as water can easily seep in through the seams and seals around the door.

Inspection Tips For Doors

  • While cleaning is certainly important for the door, so is inspecting the door on a regular basis. If any part of the frame or glass is damaged, it should be replaced immediately. Such things can expose the interior to unwanted outside elements.
  • As the door ages, so does the weather stripping. The experts of Door Products state that as soon as the weatherstripping becomes brittle or cracked it should be replaced. This is to avoid moisture getting into the home and also aids in keeping out insects and other unwanted pests.
  • If there is damage to the frame, it could indicate moisture leaking into the home or even infestation from termites. In cases such as this, it may be best to have a professional company perform an inspection to verify the extent and cause of the damage.

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