When the summer months hit and a relaxing walk through the woods seems like a good idea, people need to take care to avoid being attacked by honey bees. While fatal attacks are quite rare, an attack by a swarm of bees is nonetheless quite painful and may even require hospitalization. Here are some simple tips from the experts on how to avoid a honey bee swarm in Reynoldsburg.

Keep It Light

The lighter the color of clothing the better. Bees have evolved to equate dark colors with natural predators such as bears and badgers. The color red should strictly be avoided as it appears as the color to the eyes of bee and they equate that color with black bears. Also, wear clothing which is lighter in weight. Heavier clothing can make people sweat, and there are some breeds of bees which are attracted to sweat, and are very likely to sting.

Try To Remain Calm

If bees approach, do not start flailing about. The mass of bees approaching are trying to send a warning signal to stay away, and the hiker should do just that. By trying to swat them away, they reading the body language as the person trying to attack them and their retaliation will be inevitable. This will not turn out well for the hiker if a honey bee swarm in Reynoldsburg decides to attack.

Escape Smartly

If the need comes to escape from the bees, it must be done in an intelligent manner. Bees can be outrun fairly easily, but the catch is that the person may need to run quite a distance, sometimes as much as a quarter of a mile, before they end their pursuit. If possible, try to cover the face without impairing the vision while running. Under no circumstances should anybody jump in a lake to avoid a bee attack. The bees will simply hover over where the person is at in the water until the person is forced to surface. They will then begin their attack again after the person is out of the water.

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