Ideally, an HVAC system is supposed to filtrate indoor air, control humidity, and regulate interior temperature. However, undesirable materials such as sneeze debris, airborne viruses, dust, mold, and debris can get into return air. This can cause extra work for an HVAC system to fulfill its duties. To enhance HVAC in Pittsburgh PA, it’s a good idea to regularly change the system’s filter. These tips can assist with this task.

Find the Filter Containment Area

Many HVAC systems have a filter compartment near the furnace or return air grille. Refer to the owner’s manual when this place can’t be located. Once found, detach the filter cover and set it to the side. An fasteners holding it on place should be kept beside the filter cover. Carefully remove the filter and set it to the side. Use the hand attachment of a vacuum to suction out debris in the filter compartment.

Clean and Replace Filter

A filter can be reusable or disposable. A disposable filter should ideally be changed once a month. More frequent changes may be necessary in areas with high pollution levels. Place the disposable filter in a bag, tie securely, and place outside until it can be taken away. Purchase a new disposable filter when one is not present. Clean a reusable filter once a month as well. It’s a good to perform this task outside. Use a vacuum to suction off both sides of the filter. A damp sponge and mild household cleanser can be used to wash off excess debris. Use a garden hose to rinse off the filter. Allow to air dry. Place the new or reusable filter into the correct position. Replace the filter cover and fasteners. Ensure that the compartment cover is firmly in place by gently tugging on it.

Since a dirty filter can prevent an HVAC system from properly removing materials from indoor air, it’s necessary to change or clean the filter it once a month. Not going this can shorten the workable life of the system and hinder the filtration of contaminants from indoor air. For information on services for HVAC in Pittsburgh PA, please talk to a specialist at South Side Plumbing & Heating. This group of experts can handle residential and commercial HVAC services. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.