As homeowners begin planning the installation of Wood Flooring in Longmont, they probably have numerous questions if they’ve never scheduled a project like this before. Representatives with a company such as Aesthetic Flooring & Hard-Surfaces, Inc. are ready to answer those questions and provide all the information these men and women need to comfortably proceed with scheduling the work.

Top-Priority Questions

Two of the top questions regarding Wood Flooring in Longmont are what the project will cost and how long it will take to complete. The customers may want to know whether the company disposes of the old flooring, which may include carpeting. This service may be included or may be provided for a reasonable fee. Will the workers move the heavy furniture or must the customers do that beforehand?

Minimizing Sun-Related Fading

The customers may ask whether it’s possible to minimize the fading effects caused by ultraviolet light. They may have seen this effect on flooring in the past. One strategy is to choose a species that is resistant to fading, such as oak or hickory. Another is to place rugs on areas where the sun shines through the windows for several hours in the afternoon. A third is to keep window treatments closed when nobody is home during the day.

Installing Flooring or Cabinetry First

If this is part of a renovation project that includes the installation of new cabinetry, the homeowners will want an expert opinion on which work should be done first. There are implications for when coats of stain should be applied to the flooring and preventing damage to either the flooring or the cabinetry. The cabinet installers and flooring professionals must work as a team in this situation.

Cleaning and Preventing Damage

Questions about cleaning the floor may come up if the homeowners find conflicting advice online. They may want to know whether they should wash the floors with oil soap on occasion or if that’s not necessary. How can they bring back the shine after many years? They’ll also want tips on preventing damage to their new home improvement features. Information on one particular flooring supplier can be viewed at Website. You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.