Before sod is installed at the scene of new construction, the ground may need to be prepared, so there is not just clay earth on the surface. That would cause problems for root growth, which needs looser soil and organic materials to thrive. Finish grading will likely be necessary too. After installation, professional Sod Maintenance Service in Ashburn VA may be advisable, at least for several months.

The Most Important Key

With professional Sod Maintenance Service in Ashburn VA, customers can be sure the grass will be watered and fertilized as it should be for optimum health. Sod has short roots that need to grow quickly, so the grass becomes fully established. Proper watering is the most important key to this goal. In fact, it should be thoroughly soaked within an hour after installation is complete.

Expert Advice

The service technicians can make recommendations about how often the property owners should water the sod afterward. Typically, this is every day for the first week or two, especially if the sod is in direct sunlight most of the day. If the weather is very hot and sunny during that time, watering more than once a day may be recommended. After this, it should be watered two or three times a week during the summer unless the weather is rainy.

Early morning is the best time for watering since less evaporation takes place then. If needed, a second watering should be done after sunset.

Other Professional Service

After workers from an organization such as Premier Turf Farms install sod, their maintenance service includes watching for weed growth or invasive grasses and managing the problem. These may be eliminated with manual removal. Some very limited herbicide application may be necessary if this becomes a chronic problem, indicating some of those unwanted plants have become firmly established in the sod.

Concluding Thoughts

Property owners who want an instant lawn can have one with sod installation. There’s no need to deal with the hassle and mess of seed, trying to keep it in place and watering dirt that turns to mud. Contact us for quotes on installation and maintenance.