Reasons to Hire St. Paul, MN Lot Clearing Contractors

Whether property owners are looking to clear space for new construction or they’ve found themselves in need of emergency tree removals, St. Paul MN Lot Clearing Contractors can help. It may be tempting for some property owners to attempt to clear their own lots, but this is often a poor choice. Read on to find out why lot clearing is almost always better left to the professionals.

Hazardous Work

Lot clearing often comes with a number of safety hazards, especially if there are many live or standing dead trees that must be taken down before the actual clearing process can begin. Professional contractors know how to safely and effectively remove unwanted trees and shrubs without endangering themselves or any of the surrounding structures. Plus, in the unlikely event that someone does become injured on the job site, professional contractors carry worker’s compensation insurance that will pay for their medical bills, whereas most property owners would be stuck footing the bill themselves if they became injured.

Thorough Results

Just removing the visible portions of plants and trees often isn’t enough to prevent them from regrowing. St. Paul MN Lot Clearing Contractors can also remove tree stumps and roots, helping to ensure the results of their work will last. This is particularly important for property owners who are not planning immediate construction on the piece of land that is to be cleared, as new trees, shrubs, and plants might otherwise require a second round of clearing before construction could actually begin.

Quicker Service

Property owners who don’t have access to power tools like chainsaws and brush chippers will wind up spending far more time clearing their properties by hand than professionals could with specialized tools. Keep in mind that these tools can be quite dangerous if they are wielded by untrained individuals. It’s best to find a company like Timberline Tree Service whose contractors have all of the experience needed to operate equipment safely. Choosing a company rather than an individual contractor can also go a long way toward ensuring the job gets done on time, as the company can assign an entire team of contractors to the job if it is so required.

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