When it comes to taking a vacation in British Columbia, many visitors include a visit to Victoria. They like the liveliness of Vancouver and its closeness to the mountains, but they also enjoy the stately architecture and restful landscape of Victoria. When making the trip always know the factors affecting your ferry to Victoria fare.

Catching a Ride

If you are in Vancouver, you need to catch a ride out to the ferry. BC ferry services are not located inside Vancouver. Instead, they reside on the outskirts. The most common point of departure is from the terminal at Tsawwassen. Getting there could be challenging, however, you have several options. These are:

  • Drive a vehicle
  • Hop on a bus
  • Ride a bike

All three options can affect how much you can pay to take the ferry to Victoria. The fare the Ferry service charges do take into consideration whether you are a pedestrian or are taking your car or truck over to Vancouver Island.

The Vancouver to Victoria Ferry Fare

The BC Ferry Service is not free. Tickets are available online and at the terminal for a fee. You can use various credit cards to pay. Cash is also acceptable. However, while traveller’s cheques are acceptable, debit is not.

Factors affecting the cost consist of the following:

  • Age: If you are under 12, you ride free. Everyone else, including seniors, pay the same
  • Groups/Individual: If you are 10 or more, you receive a group rate
  • Disability: Those with a permanent disability and their escort pay have a different rate
  • Vehicle: Vehicles pay according to their size and status. A bicycle, for example, costs less than a car, bus or commercial vehicle. Moreover, over a certain size, the cost of riding the ferry increases

Always check the rates before booking. As the company notes, the Vancouver to Victoria ferry fare is not set in stone.