The most beautiful McLean, Virginia homes often include sweeping lawns created from professionally installed sod. It is common for area homeowners to arrange for Instant Lawn Installers in McLean VA to provide certified sod grown by suppliers like Premier Turf Farms. Expertly installed sod immediately improves any property’s appearance. Lawns created from sod are healthy because grass is carefully grown. Having sod installed is also a smart financial move that increases property values.

Sod Adds Instant Curb Appeal

Clients who want to upgrade their properties often hire Instant Lawn Installers in McLean VA to lay sod. Professionals can provide and install sod in just a few hours. With proper watering and maintenance, a new lawn takes root and increases curb appeal in a few weeks. Many homeowners choose sod for their newly constructed homes. Within hours their muddy lots are transformed into rolling expanses of green. Their lawns are often hearty enough to walk on shortly after installation.

Sod Creates Healthy Lawns

Homeowners also choose sod because growers create grass from quality blends that provide rich, deep color. Grass is grown in rich soil that encourage healthy root development. Many varieties are designed to be drought tolerant. Growers offer varieties that do not require intensive fertilization and are often shade tolerant. Grass is fully mature when it is installed, which gives it a much greater chance of thriving. There are no weeds in sod and it is dense enough to discourage weed growth.

Sod Is a Smart Investment

Many property owners consider professionally installed sod a wise financial investment. It instantly increases property values and often allows sellers to increase their asking prices. Quality sod just needs routine maintenance to stay healthy. It saves homeowners the costs of expensive lawn care products needed to encourage grass to grow. Sod can help to prevent soil erosion, which protects property values. Since blades are grown close together, sod is dense and there is little need to reseed it.

Homeowners who want to increase property values and beauty often have sod professionally installed. Sod is healthy and takes root quickly, forming a gorgeous lawn. It needs minimal care to stay beautiful.