Most people would agree that living at home would be the best possible option for seniors. Senior care at home means being surrounded by familiar people and enjoying all the comforts one is used to. However, for seniors in Toms River NJ with cognitive impairments, dementia, or Alzheimer’s, living at home becomes challenging.

Caregivers often despair when they realize their loved ones have cognitive impairments. It is usually not safe to leave a senior with dementia at home because of the potential for accidents or wandering. The alternative would be to uproot their loved ones, which can cause great stress for all family members.

Believing that it is impossible to care for their loved ones adequately at home, caregivers will investigate options like assisted living or nursing homes. Some people believe that their options are limited or too expensive. It is time to rethink what you know about senior care.

Now, there are new and innovative senior care options in Toms River NJ, which allow your loved one to live at home and still receive the best in memory care. Adult day care centers like Regency specialize in providing memory care interventions.

Your loved one can live at home, receiving all the love and care you provide, but still be supervised and treated by nurses and doctors while you are at work. Memory care is also a comprehensive solution, which can help slow cognitive impairment through mental and physical activities.

Family dynamics can change when an elder develops mild cognitive impairment or dementia. Memory care options at Regency include families in the decision-making process, and help families to cope with the challenges of caring for loved ones.

For a balanced, holistic, sensible solution, consider day care options for seniors. Memory care has become indispensable for many in Toms River NJ, who want the best for their families.