There are various reasons why a person does not want to hire an attorney to handle their personal injury case. One of the top reasons is they do not believe the can financially afford the services provided by a San Bernardino personal injury lawyer. In some cases, the individual may believe the case will be easy to win and will not need the services of an attorney. However, this is not always true and representing yourself can be a costly mistake that can risk your chance of receiving a fair judgment.

Downside of Not Hiring Legal Counsel

  • You do not have extensive knowledge of the law and how it works like a San Bernardino personal injury attorney does.
  • One small error made can be difficult to fix without legal representation and can result in you not winning your case.
  • A San Bernardino car attorney will know exactly what type of compensation you are entitled to and the amount. You may not be aware of everything the at-fault party is responsible for.
  • You do not have access to expert witnesses that can help support your claim compared to an attorney that does.
  • Large corporation lawyers and insurance companies will take advantage of your lack of knowledge and try to intimidate you into settling for less.

Gain the Expert Knowledge of an Experience Attorney

Salek Law Firm offers an affordable option to help you financially afford legal services in a personal injury case. They work on a contingency fee base and do not charge their clients until they have successfully won their case. Once the claim is settled, they charge a percentage of the settlement for their services. With their expertise, you do not have to deal with the harassment from insurance agents or business lawyers. In addition to having access to a full team of legal counsel that will aggressively fight for a fair judgment.