No one enjoys being pulled over for a traffic violation, and the consequences that follow are rarely pleasant, either. Some people assume that there will be little hope of defending against charges, even while knowing that they are innocent of the illegal behaviors described.

In fact, those who work with a Traffic Attorney in Madison VA often end up being able to clear their names and get on with life without ending up with a record. Upon being accused of a serious, criminal violation of traffic laws, it will therefore almost always make sense to seek out legal counsel and representation.

Two Basic Classes of Traffic Offenses

Many traffic offenses in Virginia are covered under the state’s body of civil law and associated regulations. Drivers who are accused of violating these rules can face significant fines and sometimes be forced to compensate the state in other ways.

A more serious group of traffic offenses, however, fall into the domain of criminal law, and the penalties for being judged guilty of related accusations can be quite a bit more severe. A conviction on a charge of reckless driving or speeding beyond a certain limit, for example, can even lead to jail time and far more significant fines.

For drivers who have been accused of any of the latter class of offenses, seeking out assistance from a Traffic Attorney in Madison VA will almost always be worthwhile. With the stakes much higher than with the average traffic citation, having an attorney ready to improve the odds can only help.

Protecting Clients From the Harm That Can Come From a Conviction

Fortunately, lawyers have many effective ways of proving that their clients should not be convicted. From pointing out inconsistencies in the testimony of police officers to identifying mitigating circumstances, they are frequently able to show that things are not as clear-cut as the prosecution would have courts and juries believe.

Contact us and it will become clear that exploring whether such a defense might be available and merited can be simple to do, as well. Instead of merely accepting a conviction as inevitable, fighting back as capably as possible can be much more productive and advisable.