When you are choosing between billboard printing companies, there are several things you should ask before making your final decision. How each company handles the following subjects should help you decide whether they are the right company to handle the printing for your billboard signage campaign.

Think Big

The scale of billboard advertising is unique, and, if this is the first time you are dealing with this medium, you need a company that specializes in billboards. You might need them to help you vet out locations, color scheme, effective typography, and even the materials that comprise the finished billboards. Go with billboard printing companies that understand how each of these factors combine to provide contrast and interest.

Be Bright and Bold

The colors used on the billboards need to draw attention. However, you should partner with a printing company that understands how to combine contrast and visibility while tying the overall theme into your branding. For example, if your logo or branding incorporates subtle colors, models can be portrayed in your signature color. Meanwhile, the font and background are free to grab more attention in bright, saturated hues.

Keep Type Face Simple

When examining the online portfolios of billboard printing companies, make note of the typeface. Unless your logo is a custom font, the rest of the sign should be a single typeface. Ask each company if their signature fonts are sans serif, which has uniform character width and no embellishments. These fonts are easier to read while driving or walking by the advertisement. Avoid companies with fancy but hard to read signage.

Free Samples Please

Ask how each company would recommend handling your campaign. They should be willing to provide a sample on speculation for the chance to get your business. Expect three to five lines of text with less than five words per line. If a company comes back with a convoluted message that would require tiny print, cross them off the list. The basic rule of thumb is that for every 10 inches of letter height, passersby can see the billboard from another 100 feet away.