Contractors today are skeptical when it comes to purchasing blades made from diamonds. This is mainly because there are many blades out there claiming to be made from diamonds, but they end up being made from lesser materials. It is important to get some type of authenticity document when purchasing this type of blade. Not only will you have more confidence in your work, but you can also take more pride in your business knowing you use unique blades on every job.

Tile This is a great place to find 4-inch diamond blade. Their blades come with certificates showing the number of diamonds used with every blade, how the diamonds were bonded, and how much strength each blade is expected to provide. An example of these blades is the Pearl Xtreme PX-4000. This 4-inch diamond blade can cut through steel, metal, and any similar hard materials. This blade does the cutting with splashing debris all around and without leaving rough edges behind. This has helped contractors save thousands of dollars on a daily basis because they do not have to hire a cleanup crew for debris and the like.

Another great thing about the Pearl Xtreme PX-4000 4-inch diamond blade is that is has been made extremely thin. This means it will cut materials faster, so it will be used less frequently than other blades. In turn, contractors will be switching this blade every few weeks, which is great for a contractor’s budget, especially for contractors who are just starting their business.