Most Americans won’t be incarcerated once in their lifetimes. Although many people

are, in fact, sent to jail, the general public doesn’t know much about bail bonds. Keep reading to learn about several common misconceptions regarding

bail bonds in Norwalk, CT.

Myth – Bail Amounts Are Negotiable

Bail, the dollar amount that courts require for people to be released from jail following an arrest and before trial, is either set by judges on a subjective basis or by jails on a cut-and-dry basis based on nothing but what people are charged with. People commonly believe that bail amounts can be negotiated, but they’re actually set in stone and can’t be influenced by bail bondsmen.

Myth – Bail Bonding Is Unregulated

The Connecticut Insurance Department requires that bail bondsmen obtain and maintain bail bonding licensure. Bail bonding is very much regulated at the state level in all 50 states.

Myth – Bail Bondsmen Charge Whatever They Want

In Connecticut – and this is different for every state – a 10% fee can be charged on the first $5,000 in bail and a 7% fee can be charged on bail that exceeds $5,000. Although bail bondsmen’s costs vary based on additional fees and surcharges that can be levied, bail bondsmen aren’t at allable to charge whatever they want.

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