Staying in a hotel is a common option for when you go on vacation. However, if there will be several people with you or you want more room to relax, then consider a luxury weekend beach house Key Colony Beach homeowners offer. When you decide that a vacation house would be the best option, there are a few tips that can make finding just the right one a bit easier.

Listing Details

When you read the listings of rental homes available, you need to carefully pay attention to all of the details. Find out if there is a cleaning fee for when you leave the home or if there are fees for having pets in the home. Examine the pictures of each luxury weekend beach house Key Colony Beach owners offer as some might seem appealing but don’t have the same details that are listed.


Find out if the home you’re interested in renting is available during the time you plan to take your vacation. You don’t want to get your hopes up about a home that has all of the features you desire for a weekend away from home only to discover that it’s booked for that time.


Try to communicate as much as possible before renting the home and while you’re there. If there are issues that arise while you’re in the home, such as an appliance breaking, then you need to alert the owner immediately so that it can be fixed. This can also save you some money as the owner might think that you purposely broke the item and then charge a fee for the repairs.


Ask about the amenities that are offered in the home and what you need to pack. Most vacation homeowners offer linens and a few toiletries, but you might feel comfortable having your own towels and washcloths as well as sheets and blankets.