When a man or woman wants to sell gold jewelry or other items to get quick cash, that person might discover a pawn shop reaching out by advertising We Buy Gold in Surprise, AZ. If the individual has never been to a pawn shop, there probably is some curiosity about what the place is like and who tends to patronize those stores. Research on demographics provides some interesting information.

Demographic Details

Information from the Pawnbrokers Association explains that the average customer is in his or her 30s and earns just under $30,000 a year. Many of the customers, however, have low incomes or are dealing with unemployment. They may have developed problems with their credit due to financial struggles. Most customers are between the ages of 27 and 40.

The average income information may be surprising to people who figure most pawn shop customers are low-income or poor men and women. It should be noted that this average includes customers who come in to buy as well as to sell items or take out loans. They may want to buy gold jewelry or coins that someone else has sold to the pawn broker. All of these individuals can buy, sell, and borrow at a store like Arizona EZ-Pawn.

Common Reasons People Sell Gold

People looking for ads stating We Buy Gold in Surprise, AZmay simply be clearing out some clutter in their home. Others have had an unexpected expense arrive at an inconvenient time. Sometimes, this is a young adult who has not yet established credit and cannot charge an expense such as a major car repair. Finding a website such as Azezpawn.com lets them know they can get the money without taking out a payday loan.

Loans vs. Sales

Financial experts recommend consumers not to take out loans from pawn shops unless they are certain they can repay the principal and interest quickly, such as by their next pay date. Continually renewing the loan can cost a significant amount in interest. In contrast, selling unwanted items at these stores is a good way to obtain some money quickly without having to make interest payments.

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