Terracotta vases may seem simple, but there are many incredible ways to use these pieces to create beautiful landscapes around the exterior of your home. Regardless of your style, whether you are going for a more minimalist look or for a lavish garden that mimics the lush greenhouses of Italy, using terracotta vases is a great way to accomplish your goals. However, there is more to do than simply plant your favorite greenery in a vase and call it a day. Consider these options when you’re looking to decorate your garden with your new terracotta vases.

Decor Ideas

There are many easy ways to use terracotta vases to decorate gardens and lawns. If you have several terracotta vases and a larger walkway, you can use your vases to line it, creating a beautiful pathway for guests to use when coming up to your doorway. Vases can also be set against walls and filled with colorful florals or even succulents to create visual interest around your home. Those with outdoor patios may consider using their terracotta vases around seating areas to create lively living areas for guests to mingle as well.

Beautiful Arrangements

There are many incredible ways to create striking visual arrangements using terracotta vases. Slow-growing, small trees, such as Japanese maples, grow well in these planters and are perfect for setting up around outdoor pathways or on patios. Many vases filled with assortments of complementary flowers can work well when arranged together on decks or other similar areas outdoors. Consider other similar options as you purchase terracotta planters for your outdoor living areas.