Finding The Best Prototype Machining

by | Mar 15, 2017 | Machining Manufacturer

Finding the right shop to handle your prototype machining needs is not as easy as simply finding a machining service. This takes particular skill, attention to detail and the ability to assist in the design stages to ensure the part or component is practical and cost effective.

Unfortunately, many design teams are not aware of the cost savings possible by simple modifications of the design. By making some often minor changes, it is possible to set up the prototype machining services to quickly convert to large volume production while limiting waste of the raw material and helping to keep the costs of production as low as possible.

Additionally, the top machining services offering prototype work are also a good source of information on the best materials to use for the job. Different types of alloys or even choosing a plastic material may add to the durability of the component or even address specific needs of the part within the overall design.

Creating the Program

Most prototype machining will be completed using CNC machines. It requires the development of a computer model or drawing that is then converted into a program to run the equipment. By using this method, the prototype drawing can be tested, eliminating the need for constant revisions to the prototype.

Additionally, when the machining service has the final and approved program, they are ready to move into production immediately.

Assisting with Material Choice

Depending on the final shape and the specific operations that will be required, the stock selected and the shape of the raw workpiece can be a critical factor. By selecting the right shape of material blanks as well as the correct material, the prototype service can limit the actual machining required in some types of applications.

Talking to any machining company offering prototype services is important. Ask questions about the process they use and how they can work with your design team. With this information finding the right company will be much easier and result in a better overall partnership.

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