Not all birthday parties are limited to a few guests. Many times, the plan is to invite as many people as possible. That makes considering venues for birthday parties in Shelton CT that are right for the occasion. Here are some suggestions on what to look for when considering any location for the event.

Total Square Footage

Large birthday parties in Shelton CT require a lot of room. Think of how much has to be fitted into the space. There’s the need to set up a place for the band, or a spot for a deejay to set up sound equipment. Tables and chairs for the guests are a must. Room for the food and drink to be easily accessible is also important. Remember the guests will need room to dance.

When considering how much room is needed, always allow for a little more than projected. That helps to take care of any factor that was overlooked in the planning.

Plenty of Parking

Most of the guests will be arriving by car. That means they need somewhere to park. Whether the party is a casual event or a formal one, there’s no need for guests to walk several blocks after parking their cars. Focus on venues that have ample parking on or near the grounds.

Lighting and Power Supplies

No matter what time of day the party will take place, make sure there are plenty of electrical outlets and lots of lights. Dimmer switches on the lights are a nice touch. Ample access to power will ensure that everything can be plugged in without having to run extension cords across the room.

Kitchen Space

While most of the food will be prepared and brought to the venue, make sure there is a kitchen handy. That provides a space to store items that need to be chilled before serving. The catering team will also have room to replenish trays, mix more punch, and in general keep the food coming during the party.

The time is now to start planning for an upcoming birthday party. Contact us today and arrange to talk with a professional. With a little help, it won’t take long to find the right place, plan a menu, and take care of all the details associated with a successful celebration.