Moving requires a great deal of planning whether the move is across town or across the country. Organizing the packing of all one’s possessions and household items can facilitate unpacking at the final destination. Full or partial packing is one specialty of movers. Akron Ohio is home to moving companies that can help individuals ensure that their packing and moving is as easy as possible.

Take Inventory
The first step in the packing process is to go through each room in the house and determine what needs to be packed. This can help in deciding what size boxes will be needed, the packing materials that will be most appropriate for any fragile belongings, and any other packing supplies that may be required. Movers are typically able to provide a wide variety of packing materials.

Selecting and Packing Boxes
Boxes should be sturdy so they do not buckle under the weight of their contents. Packing tape should be used to seal each box, using two layers of tape to ensure the box is closed at both the top and bottom.

Inside the boxes, packing peanuts and newspaper can be used to fill in empty spaces while towels, linen, facial tissue and the like are good for wrapping individual items. Delicate items can be protected with bubble wrap.

Boxes should not be over-filled or packed with too many heavy items so that they cannot be lifted by even the most experienced movers. Boxes should be able to close easily and be labeled with their contents and room destination.

Packing Delicate Items
Dishes and glassware should be wrapped individually, placed carefully in the box and have a protective layer of a towel or linen on both the inside top and bottom of the box. Bowls and plates should be wrapped individually as well but can be stacked on top of each other. Pitchers, vases, stemware and glasses should have some kind of packing or wrapping paper inside them and wrapped outside with a double layer of packing material.

Other fragile items also need to be individually wrapped with tissue paper or bubble wrap and then cushioned with soft cloths or bath towels in the box. Some items, like figurines, could use an additional layer of newspaper before being placed in the box.

Boxes with delicate items in them should be marked “fragile” so movers know to take extra precautions with these boxes.