Flatbed Commercial Trucks – Are They the Right Choice for You?

by | May 18, 2017 | Automotive

When you start a business or expand your Fresno CA business, you may need another commercial truck. Depending on the nature of your shipping, a box truck or a flatbed for trucks will serve you best. So which do you choose? Let’s check out features of both vehicles to help you decide.

Box Trucks

Box trucks are perfect for hauling protected cargo. The beds are completely enclosed, and this protects your freight from the weather. However, most box trucks are not temperature controlled, and you need a special truck for hauling refrigerated goods. Box trucks are perfect for moving businesses and companies delivering goods like furniture and packages.

You can choose light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty box trucks. Beds come in several lengths, and some of these trucks have excellent driver comfort features like air conditioning, power windows, and automatic transmissions.

A Flatbed for Your Fresno CA Business

A flatbed truck is like a box truck except it has a flatbed for trucks, instead of a van type body. The flatbed makes it easy to load and unload large things like lumber, pipes, and bulky items. Flatbed trucks are commonly used in landscape, lumber, and construction businesses. You can choose a flatbed with rails, no rails, and many handy features.

Which is Best?

If your cargo needs the most protection, consider a box truck. For hauling heavy materials and bulky things, a flatbed for trucks will give you the best service. Maybe your business has a need for both trucks. If so, you can always buy the truck you use the most and a trailer. For example, if most of your business is about hauling protected goods, buy a box truck and a flatbed trailer. However, when you want the best flatbed for trucks in Fresno CA, go to truck body specialists.

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