In a perfect world, there’s always a light fixture exactly where you need it. Electrical outlets are as abundant as the fish in the ocean, and nothing ever breaks down. However, in the real world, you need the convenience and illumination power of high-quality portable LED work lights on a regular basis. In fact, these products offer a number of important benefits.

The Right Light for the Job

When you need plenty of light for a significant amount of time, corded lighting is the best choice. These lights feature convenient hangers, and you can choose from several different power cord lengths. For example, you may buy a 25-foot cord when you have power sources nearby, but you can select cord as long as 50 feet in length also.

When you buy portable LED work lights with long cords, consider retractable cord models. Your power cord stays stored on a retractable reel, so you only use as much cord as you need. To use, just pull on the light, and when finished, the reel winds the cord up safely for you. This is the best way to keep a safe work area without a lot of extra cord getting in the way, and you’ll spend less time putting up your tools.

The Power of LED Lighting

You can find some excellent fluorescent and incandescent lights. However, portable LED work lights, use less energy. In fact, a quality-made 4-watt light can give you 340 lumens of lighting power. You don’t have to worry about frequent bulbs replacement because the bulbs are rated for 50,000 hours. This saves you time, hassles, and money on light bulbs. Also, LED light is cool to the touch, so you won’t burn your fingers or hands if you touch the lights directly. They also come with convenient options like tool taps and replacement parts.