Without a doubt, gold is one of the most popular metals on Earth, and with good reason. While gold is always in high demand, there are some rather fun and interesting facts about the precious metal that one may want to know before visiting gold dealers in Chicago.


  • Gold was originally called ghol, which is a proto-European word meaning yellow.
  • Explorers have discovered gold on every single continent, even Antarctica.
  • Of all of the gold still in circulation, approximately 75% of it has been extracted from the planet after 1910.
  • The biggest single piece of gold ever discovered weighed in at 2,248 ounces. It was found back in 1869 by Australians John Deason and Richard Oates. Resting a mere two inches under the surface of the Outback, it was nicknamed “the Welcome Stranger.”
  • The Incas had a great love for gold, but they did not use it for money. In fact, they believed the metal represented their Sun God. Thus, they deemed the pieces of gold they found “tears of the Sun.”
  • It has been claimed by historians that the tale of the “Golden Fleece” came about from the practice of ancient Egyptians using sheepskin that had not yet been shorn to mine gold dust from the sands of the desert.


  • Gold is a very rare precious metal. In fact, more steel is poured every hour than has ever been poured of gold since the beginning of time.
  • Gold is naturally in a chemically inert state. It is incapable of rusting and cannot irritate the skin. If a piece of gold jewelry irritates the skin, it is a tell-tale sign the gold has been mixed with another metal. A great place to find pure gold is from gold dealers in Chicago.
  • Gold is such an extremely soft metal that it can actually be spun into thread. In fact, one ounce of gold is capable of being stretched for 50 miles.

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