While most people have heard of the term “white collar crime,” not many of them have a full grasp of what actual crimes fall under this title. In simple terms, white collar crime is when financial information is unlawfully obtained with the intent to use this information for one’s own enrichment.

Which Crimes are “White Collar”?

Any Oak Lawn white collar crime defense attorney is well-versed on the three most common types of white collar crime that come up in Illinois court: identity theft, embezzlement, and credit card fraud. These are called white collar crimes because they generally occur in a professional setting with little to no contact between the victim and the criminal.

Identity Theft

Due to the prevalence of personal data on the internet and the ease with which criminals can gather it, incidences of identity theft have been high for the last decade and continued to rise. A good Oak Lawn white collar crime defense attorney will be well-versed in the complexities of identity theft, law in Illinois and will be able to argue your case effectively before a judge.


When someone exploits a position of trust for personal gain, that is called embezzlement. This type of white collar crime is especially serious because it erodes the fabric of trust in society.

Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud is similar to identity theft but it often deals with much higher sums and organized crime rings. This type of offense is another issue that any Oak Lawn white collar crime attorney can argue in court.

Beyond the Big Three

Other types of white collar crime include bribery, money laundering, and forgery. If you have either been a victim of or have been convicted of any of these crimes, it’s important to seek the expert counsel of an Oak Lawn white collar crime defense attorney.

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