Even the most conscientious person can get into financial trouble. Debt isn’t always due to irresponsible spending. Financial troubles can be due to job loss or a medical situation that caused astronomical bills. For someone who barely stays afloat financially, a few hiccups in their income can cause them great distress. It seems as if once they begin to get behind in their financial obligations, the situation can snowball. And before long, there seems to be no way out. The harassing telephone calls start along with threatening letters promising financial ruin if the debt isn’t paid. Understandably, this can cause great anxiety for most people, especially when there seems to be no solution. Fortunately, there is a way to wipe the slate clean and begin again, debt-free. A chapter 7 bankruptcy in Cincinnati, OH can help do just that.

A chapter 7 bankruptcy allows those individuals, without any assets to speak of and without a steady means of reliable income, have a fresh start. For some, wage garnishments and minimum payments on credit cards take up most of their income with no end in sight. Trying to keep up with living expenses is next to impossible when starting each month in the red. A chapter 7 bankruptcy in Cincinnati, OH can give these people the relief they so desperately need. You can contact us for an emergency filing. By doing this, wage garnishments can be stopped almost immediately, giving relief as soon as the next payday arrives.

Don’t struggle and try to get out of debt yourself when there isn’t enough money coming in. This just drives most people further into financial ruin, along with prolonging the emotional toll of the harassing phone calls and letters. As soon as bankruptcy protection is filed, collection activity must cease, and all communication is fielded through the attorney. By ending wage garnishments and credit card payments, many find they now have the money for living expenses such as utilities and rent. Don’t fight a never-ending battle. Get a fresh start and begin to live debt-free by speaking with a bankruptcy attorney today.